Bleu has been an excellent agency to work for these past nine months. I hear a lot of crazy stuff that happens to models with some shady agencies out there and it makes me so glad to be here with Bleu. I think all the people I work with are honest and fun, everyone seems to have a personality that anyone can enjoy. I want to do more swimsuit stuff and am confident they will make it happen for me. I can say I would recommend Bleu as a good agency.

One year and one month ago I signed up with Bubblegum casting and it was a wise decision on my part for sure. The amount of “free coaching” I get from the staff is amazing, looking back it’s funny to see how awkward I actually was before I started modeling for Bubblegum. I am very pleased with everything ¬†from the generous amount of money I make to the abundance of bookings I receive to the traveling that I get to do. I have eleven months left on my current contract and I am certain that I will enjoy them to the fullest.

Bubblegum casting

With two months left in my one year contract I am hoping to sign with Halverson again. I have enjoyed the last 10 months very much and have had bunches of fun. The only thing is I wish they had more things available abroad so I can travel, I love to travel. I am happy with the amount of money I make and how often I get shoots. I am afraid to go anywhere else because I have heard so many bad stories from other models about different agencies.